Bacula device autochanger has 0 slots

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Autochanger (позволяет сгруппировать устройства, входящие в одну автоматизированную библиотеку, возможно виртуальную, и обращаться к ним как к единому целому, позволяя серверу хранения выбрать доступный). Name (это имя указывается директором в запросе...

Bacula + vchanger: bconsole "label barcodes" does not find the autochanger Hello This problem is almost certainly caused by my mis-configuring something but I can't find what (it's almost exactly from the setup instructions) and I don't know how to investigate further. Bacula Storage em Qualquer Nuvem com Rclone e Rclone-changer ... Eu desconfio que depois da versão 9.0.6 do Bacula mudou algo que o rclone realmente n consegue mudar as fitas virtuais. ... Device "Autochanger_Pcloud" has 10 slots. Bacula & Multiple Tape Devices, and so on - Server Fault

Backing Up Your Bacula Database - Security Considerations

This gives the bacula group permission to write to the nsa0.0 device too just to be on the safe side. To bring these changes into effect just run:- /etc/rc.d/devfs restart . Basically this will stop you having to manually change permissions on these devices to make Bacula work when operating the AutoChanger after a reboot. Example Scripts No Slots In Changer To Scan Bacula - nas 4 slots test No Slots In Changer To Scan Bacula roulette wikipedia italia civ 5 culture slots. Latest Casino Bonuses uses cookies, this enables us to provide you ... Bacula / Thread: [Bacula-users] update slots scan

Re: [bacula-brasil] Bad autochanger "loaded? drive 0" command ...

CentOS7 - Bacula 7.5 Erros [Bacula] Sou novato com Linux e Principamente com Bacula. Tenho uma tarefa de colocar para funcionar uma Livraria HP-MSL2024 com 24 slots de fitas e um tape drive LTO4, porem estou tendo diversas dificuldades para3306 Issuing autochanger "slots" command. Device "HP-MSL2024" has 0 slots . ML-6000 ULTRIUM-LTO4 Bacula Settings and slow... - Dell… We have a huge problem with the tapes, as when we want to restore some jobs from them, forwarding-space to near-end of a LTO4 tape can take up to 4 hours. We don't know if that's due to Bacula or to the library/drives. This is the output of a running job. Device status: Autochanger "ML6000-Library"... The FreeBSD Diary -- Integrating the Tape Library with an And from bacula-sd.conf: Autochanger { Name = "DEC TL800" Device = "DEC TZ89" Description = Digital DLT MiniLibrary - TL891 Changer Device = /dev/pass4 Changer Command = "/usr/local/sbin/mtx-changer %c %o %S %a %d" } Device { Name = "DEC TZ …

Device "Autoloader" has 8 slots.Apr 5 01:02:11 bacula bacula-dir: baculasrv-sd JobId 40: 3307 Issuing autochanger "unload slot 1, drive 0" command.

Re: [bacula-brasil] Bad autochanger "loaded? drive 0 Feb 10, 2016 · 3304 Issuing autochanger "load slot 3, drive 0" command for vol A00041. 3992 Bad autochanger "load slot 3, drive 0": ERR=Child died from signal 15: Termination. Results=Program killed by Bacula (timeout) Meu SD está na mesma máquina do DIR conf do SD # # An autochanger device with two drives # Autochanger {Name = LibraryTandberg. Device = Drive-1 Bacula / Thread: [Bacula-users] autochanger problems