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SELECT * FROM pg_replication_slots; SELECT pg_drop_replication_slot(' localharvest_sub '); Multi-Master. Can we configure multi-master using PostgreSQL built-in replication? The answer is no, because the built-in logical replication does not yet provide a mechanism for implementing conflict resolution.

Change the --slot-name to the name of the replication slot to be used on the primary database. The script will attempt to create the replication slot automatically if it does not exist. If you're repurposing an old server into a Geo secondary node, you'll need to add --force to the command line. Postgresql - How to delete replication slot in postgres 9.4 How to delete replication slot in postgres 9.4. postgresql,replication,postgresql-9.4. Use pg_drop_replication_slot: select pg_drop_replication_slot('bottledwater'); See the docs and this blog. The replication slot must be inactive, i.e. no active connections. So if there's a streaming replica using the slot you must stop the streaming replica. VTL Replication | QUADStor Systems Manual Replication (HTML UI) If the destination vcartridge does not exist and a VTL with the same name as the source vcartridge VTL does not exist the VTL will also be created. If the destination pool name is not specified then the storage pool name of the source vcartridge will be used.

repmgr 3.0.4 and postgres 9.4 on ubuntu (ERROR ...

postgresql - Postgres 9.5 server not starting due to ... Postgres 9.5 server not starting due to already active replication slot. Ask Question 0. I have a Postgres (version - 9.5 Beta) server replication set up where there are 3 slaves and a primary server. After all required configuration is done, I start 1st slave after taking base backup and it gets started. As I start 2nd slave, it does not start. PostgreSQL - general - wal_retrieve_retry_interval > Say, with 9.6.2, a hot_standby fails to connect to a replication slot: > FATAL: could not start WAL streaming: ERROR: replication slot "test3" > does not exist > or > FATAL: could not connect to the primary server: FATAL: the database > system is starting up > > Is there a way to reduce the time it takes until the next attempt?

pg_replication_slots. The pg_replication_slots view provides a listing of all replication slots that currently exist on the database cluster, along with their current state. For more on replication slots, see Section 25.2.6 and Chapter 46.

PostgreSQL logical replication happen pabulications does not ... PostgreSQL logical replication happen pabulications does not exist in the change callback. ... ERROR: publication "sync_pub" does not exist CONTEXT: slot "sync_sub ... 206 errhint("Replication slot names may only contain lower case letters, numbers, and the underscore character."))); 207 return false; 208 }

PostgreSQL: Documentation: 11: 49.2. Logical Decoding Concepts

PostgreSQL: Re: Create replication slot in pg_basebackup ... > because it's one more step to run CREATE_REPLICATION_SLOT manually. > So I propose the attached tiny patch to just create the slot (if it does > not exist already) in pg_basebackup, somewhat similar to what replication slot "repmgr_slot_2" does not exist after ... replication slot "repmgr_slot_2" does not exist after standby clone operation #452 postgresql - Postgres 9.5 server not starting due to ...