Ds games that use gba slot

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Why don't any of the new DS/3DS have a GBA slot? - General Gaming...

Nintendo DS emulators - Emulation General GBA/DS Connectivity . Inserting a GBA card in Slot-2 in a Nintendo DS unit (that's not a DSi) while a DS game is running could unlock various gameplay features in some DS games. DeSmuME can emulate this: while playing the DS ROM, go to "Config, Slot 2 (GBA Slot)" and select "GBA Cartridge". Spoofing DS Slot 2? - gbatemp.net I've been looking into hacking Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team DS in order to allow the use of the various slot-2 GBA-driven events and abilities (particularly the two Bass Crosses and Sol Cross) on 3DS. While the Wii U VC versions of the GBA titles do allow the use of the two Bass Crosses (and they've been ripped and converted to CIA ...

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How to Play GBA Games on the R4 for DS | It Still Works Copy your GBA games into the "GBA" directory. Many sites provide amateur-developed andInsert a memory-expansion device such as EZ-Flash or Nintendo's DS Memory Expander into the bottom slot and turn the system on.Scroll to the GBA game you wish to load using the D-pad.

Yes, there's a slot on the bottom to fit GBA games, also, that is the cartridge for Guitar hero. Although DS is not backwards compatible with GBC.

List of Nintendo DS accessories - Wikipedia This is a list of Nintendo DS accessories. Contents. 1 Official accessories. 1.1 Rumble Pak; 1.2 ... The Facining Scan is a camera that plugs into the GBA slot of the DS. It is included .... for the original DS. The grip is required in order to play any of the Guitar Hero: On Tour games, and is also used to play Band Hero for the DS. Nintendo DS - Wikipedia

Best Answer: None of the current ds emu, other than DeSmuME, has gba slot function. However, from what I heard, DeSmuME's gba slot function doesn't work for pokemon games for some reason. Edit: Forgot to mention, iDeaS have the gba cartridge function, which I presume to be the same as the gba slot function.

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